Re: [SLE] Display problems in new 9.3

From: Arun K. Khan (
Date: 08/23/05

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    Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 21:57:24 +0530

    On Mon, 2005-08-22 at 09:14 -0700, Richard wrote:
    > less. Display repeatedly goes out (window completely obscured with random
    > colors, can mouse an icon over it sometimes and get some proper display in
    > the wake of the movement, but quickly degrades again) after a few to several
    > minutes. I tried using YAST/YOU to update nvidia driver, same results, also
    > ran nvidia driver by hand (needs IA32 driver), same results. Any other
    > suggestions? I have tried running both at max resolution and a lower one
    > with same results. Richard

    No suggestions since you have already tried the nvidia driver.

    What is the chipset of your video card? I am experiencing a somewhat
    similar problem with a GeForce FX5600 card. It has DVI and CRT out.
    The Xorg nv driver displays fine on the DVI o/p (1280x1024) but the CRT
    o/p looks mangled and the res. looks like 640x480. Did not have this
    problem in 9.2 (XFree86) but manifested in 9.3 (Xorg) (also in 10.0

    I downloaded the nvidia driver with YOU - it corrected the display
    problem on the CRT port.

    -- Arun Khan (knura at yahoo dot com)
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