Re: [SLE] Getting Dreamweaver to connect to SFTP via vsftpd

From: Jay Paulson (
Date: 09/09/05

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    Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 12:44:53 -0500
    To: SLE List <>

    >> Well in the vsftp.conf file I setup useing ssl login and ssl data
    >> transmission to yes. In using regular ftp command I can't connect to
    >> the ftp server but using the sftp command I can connect. I also do
    >> have port 21 open etc (I don't need port 20 open do I? I remember
    >> reading something about that but not too sure).
    >> Sorry for the confusing title. =/ I've got vsftpd server running on
    >> my
    >> machine at home configured with the ssl options.
    >> jay
    > sftp has nothing to do with vsftpd. Even if you stop vsftpd, you still
    > will be able to connect with sftp, if openssh is installed, which is
    > by default.
    > So, looks like your problems are with the proper config of vsftpd. Try
    > to disable all security stuff in vsftpd and see if you can connect
    > using a regular ftp client (you can use your browser as well if you
    > type an address like ftp://yourserver). If this fails, this means that
    > your vsftpd is not well configured.
    > But if I recall correctly, the latest versions of DreamWeaver (for
    > win) had the possibility to use sftp. Check to see if your Mac version
    > has it as well, and if it can work for you.

    You're right, of course. :) I went in and stopped the vsftpd process
    and was still able to connect via sftp from my Mac OSX terminal. In
    Dreamweaver for the Mac there is the option "Use Secure FTP (SFTP)" and
    I have that checked. It comes back to me with "cannot make connection
    to host. Your login or password is incorrect." What's strange is that
    my login and password are the same for when I do the command line.
    However, I did notice that when I do the command line it's $sftp and it then prompts me for a password. Some how it
    knows my username, which I find strange.


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