[SLE] Problem with init script for Belkin UPS

From: raichea (raichea_at_ntlworld.com)
Date: 10/17/05

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    To: <suse-linux-e@suse.com>
    Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 22:08:01 +0100

    I've recently bought a Belkin 650VA UPS for my mini-ITX Linux box. The UPS
    communicates fine with the Belkin-provided Bulldog daemon (upsd) running on
    SUSE Linux Pro 9.3. However, the installation does not configure the daemon
    to start automatically on boot.

    To provide this function, I have written an init script (my first ever,
    called bulldog) to allow configuration using the YAST runlevel editor. This
    script works perfectly when executed from a command line, but not when
    starting and stopping the daemon from the runlevel editor. Using the
    runlevel editor, stopping the daemon works fine, but starting it hangs the
    runlevel editor with a "bulldog start" dialog being displayed. The daemon
    does start correctly and the process is running even though the runlevel
    editor is hung, I can free the runlevel editor by manually issuing a "upsd
    stop" from a command line.

    I've cut the script down so that only "upsd" (for start) and "upsd stop"
    (for stop) are issued but this still shows the problem (and works perfectly
    when executed from the command line).

    It appears that upsd is somehow started in such a way that the runlevel
    editor does not think the process has started and so it sits waiting forever
    for upsd to start. Can anyone offer any advice?

    Thanks, Steve.

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