[SLE] smbfs enabled but not working

From: elefino (kevinmcl_at_magma.ca)
Date: 11/04/05

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    To: suse-linux-e@suse.com
    Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 11:37:31 -0400


    YaST > System Services (Runlevel) shows that nmb and smb are installed and
    enabled, while smbfs is installed and enabled, but has the asterisk (*)
    indicating that it is not working.

    If I select it and click "Enable", an info/dialog pops up saying:

    /etc/init.d/smbfs start returned 6 (program is not configured):
    Mount SMB/ CIFS File System ..unused

    A populated smb.conf file exists, so I assume this must be looking
    for some other file, in order to feel "configured". Anybody know
    what needs configging, here? Is it accessible via a YaST dialog,
    or do I create/edit a file directly?


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