[SLE] SUSE 10 & Pwmanager (possible bug???)

From: Jorge Fábregas (fabregasj_at_prtc.net)
Date: 11/05/05

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    To: suse-linux-e@suse.com
    Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 21:32:50 -0400


    Can anyone please confirm if this is reproducible on your side? I'm having
    problems with Pwmanager on SUSE 10. It is crashing as soon as I save my data
    (any password entree).

    These are the steps I perform in order to reproduce it:

    - Create password by clicking "Edit...Add Entry"
    - Click Save and it will prompt you for file location and master password
    - close pwmanager
    - open it again and repeate the above first 2 steps

    The second time I save a password it will crash (after initial installation).

    Thanks in advance,

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