Re: [SLE] Picking a partition for windows in Vmware

On 01/02/06, Clayton <smaug42@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Michael Behrens wrote:
> > Susemail wrote:
> >> How/when do I tell Vmware to install Windows on the nice new fat32
> >> partition I made for it?
> >
> > When you create a new VM, add "physical partition" as harddisk instead
> > of "virtual disk file". Maybe this works only on some of the VMware
> > products. There are ESX. GSX and workstation...
> >
> I stand corrected :-)
> When you do that you get loads of warnings about this being an advanced
> user option, and that you can seriously break things - make system
> non-bootable etc.
> The instructions on how to do it are here:
> Question to the original poster... why are you asking this question on a
> SUSE mailing list?  Wouldn't this be better asked on VMWare support??
> This isn't a SUSE problem is it?

Would the original poster please like to get in touch with me off
list?  I can give you a link to some fresh work being done with both
VMWare and Quemu by some guys in my local LUG.  They have got both up
and running very succesfully and are willing to offer any advice that
may be needed.  Just mail me at:


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