Re: [SLE] Problems after update

Carl Hartung wrote:

On Sunday 05 February 2006 09:48, Erik Jakobsen wrote:

Can you please tell me what to do ?.


Maybe its a too new or too old version ?.

Hi Erik,

I found the post you were referring to here:

Good Carl


YOU will not be covered here. I would like to outline how to make sure,

possible version. It's actually quite simple.


It's worth a note, however, to mention that because a lot of these packages

are bleeding edge, slight system instability may occur from performing the updates listed here.

It isn't the process, itself, that is risky, Eric... it is all those "bleeding edge" sources the article provided. It would have been much better had Novell/SUSE insisted on a much larger and direct *warning.*

Carl! Could you please tell me that in details, what you really mean here ?.

The following feedback posted on that page says it all:

This is very interesting, but hardly something that should go into

"newbies," unless one enjoys the thought of newbies trashing their systems. Just to see what would happen, I tried this in the lab. The desktop became unuseable, forcing a reimage on the test machine.

As far as repairs go, it isn't like you have a bunch of dependency problems to solve... at least that rpm knows about... you have problematic software installed. I wouldn't know where to start telling you how to reverse all the changes. It's possible, but a chore. You might want to think about wiping the drive, reinstalling and chalking it up to experience... it could be faster. Maybe someone else will have a more optimistic opinion?

Well I am bored with this article. It twice has given me the same problems.

But I thought I have seen the light with this article, as its first main reason for me was to could be able to update KDE, and
it was well done in the first over, but the benefit dissappeared in the second try, as then there were no X .

Then I have to try to find a new way to be able to update KDE, and also all the other packages.

Good luck & regards,

- Carl

Thanks for the message Carl and for the good wishes.


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