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The Sunday 2006-02-05 at 15:59 -0500, Carl Hartung wrote:

I've done what I advised Erik to do (YaST ncurses in run level 3) to downgrade
from a system-wide update that broke my desktop... it's a chore but it has a
good chance of getting him back to his desktop.

Yes, that would work. A real chore, with so many packages... {shudder}

For example, I'd use:

rpm -q -a --queryformat "%{INSTALLTIME}\t%{INSTALLTIME:day}
%{BUILDTIME:day} %-30{NAME}\t%{VERSION} %{RELEASE} %35{PACKAGER}\n" | sort
| less -S

which produces an rpm list ordered by install date with some data fields;
the last one identifies the packager, which could help you identify them.

The next thing needed, of course is a script :-) to pump that data into rpm to
effect the necessary changes. It would sure beat "hunting and pecking"
through ncurses YaST and marking each individual package.

¡Armor on!

You could write something like that, couldn't you Carlos? (nudge nudge)

Too late, I didn't feel the nudge :-P

It is not so complicated to do by hand. Any of the two commands above
would produce the list; it is just a question of using an editor and
leaving only the needed packages, and then feeding that list to rpm:

cd /media/dvd/......
rpm --test --install ---force rpm1 rpm2 rpm3 rpm4.....

if it works, then repeat without "test".

Notice that you can copy and paste in text mode, provided you first do
"rcgpm start" to load the text mode mouse driver. Otherwise, it is simple
enough to convert the edited list into a one line script.

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