Re: [SLE] Problems after update

On Monday 06 February 2006 10:55, Carlos E. R. wrote:
Just as a reminder: the editor "joe" is now present in the SuSE rescue
system. And vi too, of course ;-)

Thanks. Rescue mode is when I use vi, so I'll test drive joe sometime this

I used text mode for a month or two before I got X mode to work
properly, back in SuSE 5.2 or something. Sax wasn't available or wasn't
much good, and I hadn't discovered this list (did not even have internet,

So, I used those tricks - and many people from that time, I guess.

Adversity is the mother of invention, right? I *like* command line mode for
lots of reasons. It "feels" more direct and less cumbersome, particularly for
system administrative tasks. Of course, there were few alternatives* to CLI
when I started learning computers, so I'm biased.
(*at the OS, not application level)

Of course, a properly configured contemporary desktop running on top of
today's SUSE Linux on top of powerful hardware is a beautiful thing, too!

(I wonder how Erik is progressing?)

Not too well, I'm afraid.

What do you think of my misinterpreted 'red' vs. 'blue' diagnosis? (I'm
holding off discussing 'automatic dependency checking,', which I suspect has
already been turned off, inadvertently or otherwise.) :-)


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