Re: [SLE] Problems after update

On Mon, 2006-02-06 at 18:32 +0100, Peter M. Groen wrote:
On Monday 6 February 2006 17:55, Erik Jakobsen wrote:
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Dear List,

It is good to see how many people are willing to help each other on a list
like this.

SuSE is always sold (!) as an easy to use, perfect for beginners and
non-technical people distribution. When Novell took over SuSE they claimed
they should maintain the high standard SuSE users were used to. The opposite
seems to be true.

You buy a "distro" and from there, you are on your own. They release "fixes"
that could make your system unusable in the worst case.

You will very, very rarely find YOU fixes that make a system unusable.
If -you- stray away from SUSE blessed packages it is -your-
responsibility to make sure they will not make -your- system unstable
not SuSE. ANY third party software downloaded from other the or an authorized mirror site IS third party and it is not
the responsibility of Novell/SuSE to test those packages. If -you- have
a problem with an installed third party package complain to the author
of that site!

The main question
that rises my mind is "How the H&ll do they test their software, if it is
tested at all". And how do they expect to sell distributions, if their fixes

What fixes are you talking about and be very specific as to where you
downloaded the "fixes" from and how you installed them.

Do you honestly think that if the problems were in the distribution
purchased from Novell that -you- would be the only one having the

Get real and get a life.

Ken Schneider
UNIX since 1989, linux since 1994, SuSE since 1998

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