[SLE] DHCP failure


I've managed to trash my dhcp functionality, and I need help restoring it. I'm running a 3-subnet LAN from a SUSE 9.3 box, and until yesterday I had a functioning LAN with a manually built dhcpd.conf file (it's short, and I can post it if that becomes useful). Then I saved off that file and used YaST to poke around in the dhcp server section and the NIC section. Ever since then, I've not been able to get my LAN running, including by replacing the new dhcpd.conf file with the (used to be) functioning saved-off dhcpd.conf. The logs indicate that dhcpd says that only one subnet actually exists. A Win2k PC on one of the subnets cannot ping, or otherwise contact, the SUSE box, nor can it get an IP address from the box (surprise) and so it has no access to the Net. (I have gotten that PC onto the Net by physically bypassing the SUSE box, but that's an unsatisfactory answer.

How do I correct this? For what should I be looking?

Thanks very much for your help.

Eric Hines

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