[SLE] SUSE 10.0 - Audacity Locks System

I was ripping some CD's and wanted to combine two tracks together.
Having used Audacity for several years (including under 9.1, 9.2 and
9.3) I fired up YaST and installed it.

After loading Audacity, I go to insert a WAV file. In this case, it is
about 20MB. Once I do that, Audacity completely locks up. In fact, KDE
locks up and is unresponsive to any keyboard commands - ctrl+alt+esc,
alt+backpsace, f2...

The disk light spins relentlessly. I finally simply power off the
machine and restart.

First off, for some reason, Audacity is runing 1.3.0 beta. On my XP and
2K systems, I've got 1.2.4 stable. Unfortunately, the only other version
available is 1.2.3 for SuSE 9.1 - which I imagine will have conflicts.

Ideas? Is there a better audio editor? Also, what could I have done in
this instance to gracefully exit?

kai ponte

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