Re: [SLE] firefox not printing

Paul Cartwright wrote:
I am about sick and tired of fighting firefox & not printing.
I am tired of messing with the about:config and setting everything to kprinter and STILL not printing.
what do I have to do to totally remove all remnants of firefox from my system and start over.

right now I have redownloaded and reinstalled 1.06 using YaST and still no luck. then I removed the .mozilla folder and got from Mozilla & installed it, still no luck. It is so messed up right now I just want to start over.

opera prints fine, everything else prints fine. suggestions??

I had a persistent refusal to print from FF that turned out to be caused by a misconfiguration that did not show up in about:config, but rather under the "Properties" knob in the window that pops up after you choose File>Print.
It finally turned out, that the paper size was set to "Letter" for which my printer is not configured instead of "A4" for which it is.
Since the error message "printer does not support required paper size" or the like was issued by the *kprinter* dialog box it only occurred to me to look in that first box after having searched in vain for like two months. :-)

You learn to like Konqueror and Opera. :-)

I don't know if you have a similar thing.


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