Re: [SLE] ssh access fails two of four hosts

On 2/16/06, philli@xxxxxxx <philli@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear friends,
Hosts 1,2,3,4 connected to hubs and router and cable modem.
All hosts access Internet and all hosts ping each other.
All hosts ssh both ways EXCEPT 1 and 2 cannot be ssh
1 and 2 are SuSE 10. 3 and 4 are SuSE 9. I am presently
depending on the installed state of SSH, but would like to
overcome the above while I hopefully dive into it.

What other info need I supply to get help?
Thanks philli

Check the firewall settings of 1 and 2. Maybe port 22 (SSH) is not open.

Svetoslav Milenov (Sunny)

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