Re: [SLE] Postfix - Sandy - 1 more Q re: /etc/postfix/recepient_check

david rankin wrote:

file. I have several domains resolving to my IP. I am rejecting
certain common system names using the /etc/postfix/recipient_check
scheme Sandy suggested when my server was getting bombarded a while
back. It works great. But as I need to block more and more of these
accounts, I have to make multiple entries for each domain that points
to my server. Is there any syntax I could use in the file that would
reject mail for all domains, say for support@domain without having to
specifically list support@domain1, support@domain2, etc... in the
recipient_check file? My current recipient_check file is:

Use regular expressions.

You've presumably got something like

recipient_check = hash:/etc/postfix/recipient_check

Create a file called /etc/postfix/recipient_check.pcre :

/^support@[domain1|domain2|domain3....]$/ REJECT


/^support@/ REJECT

Then change your recipient_check= line to:

recipient_check = pcre:/etc/postfix/recipient_check.pcre

(You can use plain regex's instead if you prefer).

Per Jessen

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