Re: [SLE] Yes I am bitter.

On Saturday 25 February 2006 11:09 pm, Bryan S. Tyson wrote:
On Saturday 25 February 2006 5:13 am, Per Jessen wrote:
I have to say - someone who switches operating system ("I haven?t used
Linux since November") purely because his graphics card isn't supported
needs a rethink of priorities.  

Yes, why not switch his videocard instead of his OS. Switch to Nvidia which
the article repeatedly states has much better Linux support, then email ATI
telling them why you switched and that you will not be buying any more ATI
cards until the Linux support is up to par.

Yeah, I read the rant, also.

I can't imagine downgrading to Windows just because of the video card. It is
almost as pathetic and stupid as my co-workers who insist on having Wintendo
around just to "play games."

I equate that to removing all airbags and half the brakes on the car in order
to drive faster.

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