Re: [SLE] No Suse after XP install (was: Hard drive not found?)

This is not a change of the original thread for Hard Drive Not Found....

Please create your own thread, that way I will stand a better chance of getting my issue sorted.

Thank you.


Daniel Bauer wrote:
kushal hada wrote:
Hi, I have a Wn XP on my computer. Sometimes ago I decided to fo for a
dual-boot of SuSE 8.2 with Win XP but my Win was on D: and It would not start for some (common?) dll problem. hal.dll

Win is very bitchy , egoistic and intolerant. It always prefers to have the first places. So install in on your first drive (C under Win).

then SuSE was fine until I had to check my mail. I have a dial-up modem
which linuz did not find. so I again put XP but now on C:

Winmodems are problematic. Sometimes you need a special kernel, and then you don't have a "standard-Linux" anymore. Why not buy a external standard modem, the run easy. If you need to have your internal Winmodem, search google and try what you find.

Now SuSE is not in bootloader
can yo please tell me how I can use internet in Linux with dial-up? any
progress on the WinModem front?

If you install Win it always takes the boot sector MBR for itself as if only Win would exist. So first install Win, then install the real operating system. Or reinstall the boot sector (again: search google for how to's)


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