Re: [SLE] Font settings

On 01/03/06 23:58, Bob S wrote:
On Wednesday 01 March 2006 02:30, Charles Philip Chan wrote:

On Wed, 1 Mar 2006 02:11:56 -0500

Bob S <usr@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Ummmm...Thanks Charles,
Where do I put
that? /opt/kde3/share/desktop ?? ......./opt/kde3/share/apps/? Could
you be a little more specific for a dummy like me?

Since you use KDE, the easist way is to symlink the file to the
"Autostart" folder on your desktop (the corresponding directory is


OK, but don't have a /home/bob/Desktop/Autostart folder. Do have
an /opt/kde3/share/autostart where I symlinked the daemon though. Doesn't
work. I suspect that file doesn't do anything though because there is lots of
stuff in there that I don't get on my desktop.

Is there a configuration file somewhere that I can change the default gnome
font size?

Bob S.

Try putting it in /home/bob/.kde/Autostart

You won't get anything from /opt/kde3/share/autostart on your desktop;
that is only for stuff that starts automatically for every kde user.
Your desktop material is located in <home>/Desktop

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