Re: [SLE] Linux cellphone advice

Richard wrote:
On Thu March 9 2006 2:33 am, ken wrote:
Richard wrote:
I have been looking at the Motorola A780 cellphone, specifically because
it uses a linux OS. It advertises that it syncs with Windows programs
and servers. Is anyone using it and can give me some background or
advice? Specifically, are there linux programs it will sync and work
with, like maybe Kontact or KOrganizer; did you get it with the GPS
function, and if so, where?

Thanks for any advice or suggestions. If someone can suggest to me that
this is off-topic I will take my questions to that arena.

I'm interesting in cellphones which use Linux (internally and for
syncing) also. I'm running gnome but use a number of KDE apps as well.

Hmmm. So far yours is the only response I have seen. Motorola seems to have
a couple of other products and Phillips has at least one also that I know
little about. Apparently they use Linux as a base OS but all functions run
under Java to give ability to be more or less "OS-blind", but still focus on
MS use. One big question for me is whether the linux OS will be directly
accessible so linux programs could be used. I have not seen whether this
might be so on product websites or in user manuals I have downloaded.


There's a lot of phones listed at
<>, including the
A780. The page on the A780 says you can mount it and (at least) read
its filesystem. If it's possible to write to this filesystem, and if
there's enough space available on this filesystem, then it should be
possible to develop your own apps and run them on the phone. If that's
not possible, I see any advantages to having the phone run Linux.


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