[SLE] Re: Weird vi problem

On Tuesday 14 March 2006 07:59, Sturgis, Grant wrote:
Greetings List,

Bizarre problem here that I have made no headway with; I am hoping one
of you can point me in the right direction.

I have a RHEL 4 ES system, fully up2date, that mounts an NetApp Filer
FAS 3020 via NFS. When using vi on the NFS mount, you constantly get
the vi warning message about the .swp file. This happens if this is a
new file or an existing file, in all cases I have examined the disk
thoroughly to make sure there are no files .*swp The funny thing is
that if you respond to the vi warning message with "q" for quit, there
ends up being a .swp and a .swo file (full transcript below).

I have mounted this same NetApp filer with numerous other RHEL 4 systems
without any problems. Also, this same client system can mount any other
Linux system and have no problem like this.

Grant, I too had this problem and was the OP of a query about it a couple of
years ago. I never solved the problem and just worked around it.

My suggestions:
On two systems, one with and the other without the problem, do
1. 'strace -f vi <some file on Filer NFS>' (or you may need -F -- not sure
which) to capture the activities of the editor looking for swap files.

2. Run ethereal, tcpdump or some other network traffic capture program to
compare the NFS protocol dialog between the good/bad systems and the Netapp

3. See if you can enlist help from Bram Molenaar (I did correspond briefly
with him when I had the problem, but he couldn't help solve the problem.)

4. Look at the VIM archives for clues, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vim

I'd offer to help analyze this, but I don't work where the problem occurred
any more.

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