Re: [SLE] Transferring Kmail

On Thursday 16 March 2006 14:23, Will Stephenson wrote:

Historically it was in ~/Mail as it was just unix standard mbox
format, but since KMail started defaulting to unix standard maildir
but writing index files to increase performance in the same dir, it
was decided to put the local mail in an app specific dir so that
other mailers don't try to open our index files thinking they are

The new default is ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail, as Carl said.

When did/will this change? As have migrated each time, I've always had
my mail in ~/Mail. I did look in the dir you mentioned, and there is
something there, but definitely not my mail.

Can I assume that if mail is found in ~/Mail that's where it will stay?
Not that it matters that much, I'm just curious..


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