Re: [SLE] The future of SuSE Linux as we know it?

On 04/04/06, Basil Chupin <blchupin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
In the latest TUX magazine there is a comparison of several Linux
distros and SuSE does NOT come up on top. The top choice is
and SuSE is beaten by other distros (Mepis comes in 2nd and
Fedora as 3rd).

I read this yesterday afternoon. It's interesting reading but I
agree with the overall result. It does seem to be skewed.

Anytime Mandriva comes out at the top of the list in a distro
shoot-out, it makes the entire results of a product comparison suspect.
Granted, certain community pundits (LinuxFormat & Tux) like Mandriva
but the quality of the distribution is no longer the cutting edge distro
that it was a year or so back,

As you probably know, Mandriva is no longer the old Mandrake but is now
a combination of Mandrake, Conectiva and Lycoris.

according to reports, Mandriva is hemoraging money, showed its
founder to the door, and unless Mandriva team gets it act together, it
most like will suffer an untimely demise.

Ah, so Mandriva is going and doing a "SuSE" then :-)? SuSE's old and
intelligent brigade has been deserting also - or haven't you heard about
that? - and Novell is also going down the financial gurgler. When they
discovered (?)last year that SuSE actually made some money for them they
were flabbergasted - which just goes to show how well they did their
homework when they decided to buy SuSE.

I would like to point out that, though I doubt the conditions that
testing was performed under in the Tux Magazine round up, I actually
like the latest two versions of Mandriva. Prior to these it was
absolutely awful. Now it is very good, very useable and I would not
hesitate recommending it to anybody. I would point them to SuSE as
being better :-)

Interesting to note. I actually switched from Mandrake to SuSE because
of my perception of them as going down in quality. I had run Mandrake 6
on my laptop and 8 on a test machine. When 10.0 came out I tried to use
it but it wouldn't detect my hardware. Popping SuSE 9.1 in did the
trick. I've been a SuSE/SUSE fan ever since.

Besides, YOU is so much easier than urpmi. (Unless they now have some
similar GUI tool which I don't know of.)

Now, how do I also become a certified Cleavage Inspector :-))) is
this dependent upon one's height?

Yeah, where do I sign up??

kai ponte ||

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