Re: [SLE] The future of SuSE Linux as we know it?

On Thursday 06 April 2006 2:19 pm, lerninlinux@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
From: Allen <slackwarewolf@xxxxxxxxxxx>

On Tuesday 04 April 2006 11:47 pm, lerninlinux@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

It's almost 12 PM here, and I haven't been to bed yet. Time is not a
valid source of how tired someone is.

12 PM isn't 12 AM, As I work two jobs, seven days a week, my computer
hours vary widely. Lately it's been between 11PM and 3AM, hence all my

I know that. I meant it was 12 PM and I was still awake from the day before.

And doing all that seems pretty stupid, why not use a better mail client?
Mutt comes with SUSE.

Webmail, this list and multiple locations and pc's. If I had a laptop,
then I could.

Mutt works over SSH and Telnet....

As for choice, I don't have a problem with choice, I have a problem with
people who think that because SUSE isn't going to take 3 days to install,
and then need two security updates a day, and because it uses a GOOD
installer and system like YAST that for some reason you'd need another
distro to learn "The command line"....

I had one distro, that I liked long ago, go nuts (see sco formerly Caldera,
from pentium 1 days), I have received bad disks from magazines, watched
companies go bankrupt, had my new installation support, on the licensed
machine go ignored, etc. I posted in an earlier post about how I plan on
making the floppies, and doing an ftp install, on my new (from parts, with
Suse) server system, as I don't want to unscrew a dvd from another machine,
and I consider that a good learning experience. But I refuse to just play
with one distro. Distro's can disappear, be neglected, go off in a
direction I chose not to, eliminate one program that I like from them, for
another, etc. I choose to not be distrocentric a long time ago.

Novell has been around about as long as I've been born, they aren't going
anywhere. And I've never had one problem with support. They answered my
question even though i had NOTHING to do with the install which is all they
HAVE to cover and from what I've seen on this list others have said they
helped them with more than an install as well.

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