Re: [SLE] cron not recognizing changes to /etc/cron.d files [SOLVED] - OT

On Wednesday 12 April 2006 14:51, Joachim Schrod wrote:
Leendert Meyer wrote:
No, but I didn't look for them very hard. ;P It wouldn't be too difficult
to write a little script that checks every file on your system and
reports the file(s) that have all 3 times different.

Please note that such a script won't be very sensible.

Since every read access changes atime, the ``access time'', there will be
very few files that have all 3 times the same.

Indeed, you're quite right! ;D I've never tought of that. It's a paradox: the
very property that one wants to monitor is changed by the same action.

Hmm, one would have to mount a filesystem read-only. I suppose then it would



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