Re: [SLE] updating to PHP5

Thanks, Andrei

Hi, Ricardo,

1) is an anonymous ftp dir
managed by SuSE staff where you can download latest apache with all
accessories like mod_perl and mod_php. Please note you CANNOT install
php-5.1.x alone, you have to update the rest of apache installation INCLUDING

Understood. I'm wondering if installing a new Apache instance could be an option. I've learnt over the years and the help of many people at Novell forums not to mess with the default installation but create/install new instances to have the desired work done. It is a quite simple task to install/run a second or third Apache instance/server in the same Netware 6.5 box (for instance). I don't know how to do that in a SuSE box yet.

As far as I know, SLES 9 doesn't need PHP for its default configuration. Thus, it seems possible to remove PHP4, install a new Apache instance, PHP5 and to bind both of them. I'm guessing the problems could arise with dependencies out of the Apache software and PHP by themselves. You spoke about that in next point.

Please, have you ever managed to install to Apache instances in the same SuSE box? Thanks.

2) SLES 9 as far as I know is based on SuSE 9.0. I have looked at the Apache
project dir, and unfortunately, there is NO builds for SuSE 9.0, the last is
9.3. You can try to install 9.3 rpms on SLES 9 but I am not sure it will
work, they have been (probably, not 100% sure) compiled with different
version of gcc.

So, basically, you have 3 solutions:

1) Build PHP 5 RPMs yourself (I have tried, it was nightmare, with no result
because of too many dependencies).

2) Wait for SLES 10.

3) Use OpenSuSE 10.0 or 10.1RC1. I have no idea what you are looking in SLES
what is not present in OpenSuSE.

I'm running at the moment a couple of OpenSuSE 10.1 beta8 boxes, pending update to RC1, where PHP 5.1.2 runs without a glitch, the same do the PHP dependent installed applications: phpMyAdmin and MediaWiki. Moodle is in its way.

What I'm looking in SLES not present in OpenSuSE is the integration with commercial Novell packages as eDirectory, eGuide, QuickSearch, Netstorage or Virtual Office. iFolder is also a must, but as far as I know it has moved to FOSS. And, perhaps, support. SLES or OES seem our best options at the moment.

I've spent more than twelve years working with NW servers. And I feel myself really comfortable with them. But it seems Novell is moving toward Linux, so do I!

All what I need right now is to run PHP 5.x in a SLES box. It seems it is not an easy task. I must recognize it is a frustrating situation for me as far as this same requirement is easily covered with my plain old NW6.5 boxes.

It is surely my lack of skills in this Linux arena what is causing this mess. Hopefully you or other gays and gals can help me to workaround this issue. Thanks.

With my best regards,


Ricardo Rodríguez
XEN, Resources Management

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