Re: [SLE] Which SUSE RPM contains mp2enc?

On Saturday 29 April 2006 13:41, M. Fioretti wrote:

I'm editing some videos with Kino on suse 10.1 beta. When I try to
export to dvd I get an error because (as I read in the shell where I
launched Kino):

sh: mp2enc not found.

Now, if I enter mp2enc in I get a lots of hits showing
that mp2enc is part (on Mandriva) of mjpegtools. Since I have that rpm
on the SUSE CDs I thought I'd install it. I had no problems to do so,
but mp2enc isn't part of that package. Why isn't it there? What is the
suse rpm containing mp2enc?

That's an easy one:, search for mp2enc

(hint: mjpegtools)




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