Re: [SLE] Re: what could have happened to audio?

On Monday 08 May 2006 21:48, Peter Van Lone wrote:
info.product = '82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M) AC'97 Audio

What seems to be the case now is just a series of oddities. Much of it
I am sure because I don't understand what is supposed to go where.
Mplayer works in some places, not in others, amarok can't see audio
cd's, nor can juk or real player, but kscd does just fine. Mplayer and
kaffeine can "see" dvd's but one can play some, and the other plays
still others. Actually, mplayer has allowed me to browse to the
contents of some dvds, and thus play the corresponding files found
fhere *sometimes* -- but it does not seem to be able to "open DVD"
generally, as I can do with Kaffeine.

Let me see if I can help you sort some of this out. I'm pulling this from
memory, so if I've erred, I'm sure others will correct me as necessary.

My understanding is that Amarok uses the helix engine... which I believe is
the OSS component of the RealPlayer engine, meaning it doesn't play anything
requiring proprietary RealPlayer codecs. To view content encoded using a
proprietary RealPlayer codec, you'll need to install and use
RealPlayer10Gold. IOW, the helix engine covers a subset of the content that
RealPlayer10Gold can play. Given this state of affairs, my preference is to
just use RealPlayer10Gold (my configuration explained below.)

It is also my understanding that the win32 codecs are used by MPlayer and
mplayerplug-in *only*. MPlayer is a standalone player... mplayerplug-in is
the same engine as MPlayer but, as the name implies, is provided as a set of
plug-ins for Mozilla/Firefox which allow you to launch streams and play files
externally or embedded in web pages, depending upon how the links have been
coded in the page.

xine is another player... an engine (actual name is libxine?) and Kaffeine is
a GUI that uses the xine engine to play files (maybe streams, too.) IOW,
whatever capabilities you enable in xine are automatically enabled in

Is your head spinning yet? ;-)

Here's how I configure my system to deal with all of these formats and

First, SUSE 10.0 by default installs "mozplugger" which, in essence, attempts
to give Mozilla/Firefox many of the same capabilities as Konqueror
(opening .pdf files, .txt files, graphics files, OOo spreadsheets and word
processing documents, etc.) I use Firefox as a browser and use Konqueror for
all that other stuff. mozplugger will interfere with the plug-ins discussed
below. As root, I do "rpm -e mozplugger" then "ldconfig" then "SuSEconfig".

MPlayer/mplayerplug-in handles most, but not all, Quicktime (*.mov) files. If
it 'hiccups' on a particular .mov file, I look for a Windows Media Player or
RealPlayer version of the same content instead of trying to 'debug' or
'force' MPlayer/mplayerplug-in to play it. The 'hiccup' is telling you the
file is encoded with an older and 'obsolete' Quicktime codec that isn't
compatible with MPlayer.

MPlayer/mplayerplug-in also handles RealPlayer (*.rm, *.ram, *.rv, *.rmm,
rtsp:// etc.) media. **I disable this by removing all instances (links and
files) of and mplayerplug-in-rm.xpt. First, dig around
in /opt/MozillaFirefox or /opt/mozilla or /opt/Firefox to look for these
links and remove them. Then go to /usr/lib/browser-plugins and remove the
actual plug-ins. Then dig around in and under ~/.mozilla or ~/.firefox to
delete the file 'pluginreg.dat' **while Firefox is closed** to force Firefox
to re-register the installed plug-ins. You are disabling Real content
playback in Mozilla/Firefox using MPlayer/mplayerplug-in because these
plug-ins conflict with the helix/RealPlayer plug-ins, discussed next.

RealPlayer10Gold plays back all Real encoded content with the exception of
"obsoleted" encodings... which require RealPlayer8 (I keep this installed in
parallel for these fairly rare circumstances. YMMV.) This is an easy package
to install and use. It doesn't require any real 'tweaking' other than the

To view streams (embedded or externally) using mplayerplug-in *and*
RealPlayer10 in Mozilla/Firefox, you have to register the "rtsp" and "mms"
protocols with the browser. I'll use Firefox in this instruction... Enter
"about:config" in the Firefox address bar. Search for "mms" (no quotes) and
then "rtsp" in the "Filter" field. If they don't exist, add the following

Preference Name Type Value string /usr/bin/mplayer
network.protocol-handler.external.mms boolean true string /usr/bin/realplay
network.protocol-handler.external.rtsp boolean true

(Make sure RealPlayer10Gold and mplayerplug-in are installed before you do
this and you've deleted 'pluginreg.dat' as described previously.) When done,
close and relaunch Firefox.

I don't use xine or Kaffeine or Amarok or Totem or Noatun. The only other
player I use on a regular basis is xmms for .pls and .m3u streams. YMMV. The
reason I don't need to use these other players is I seem to be able to play
just about everything coded in common ("mainstream?") formats using the ones
I've configured, above.

If I've left omitted or misstated something, I'm sure others will straighten
it out. As I said, this is from memory. Also, I "don't do" DVD or CD playback
on this computer... that's just me. Hopefully someone else can help you debug
or configure the media access functions after you've got the players sorted

Good luck!


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