Re: [SLE] Re: Should I sit this one out?

As a point of reference, I've been running 10.1 both at home and in the
office since around beta 8 or 9, and so far it's been working well, so
calling it "totally broken" is just wrong. It's not really all that
different from 10.0.

So far the issues I've seen people report are

* update system broken
* Beagle consuming too many resources

Have I missed anything?

I think the point is that it should not have shipped with the broken package
manager. I've bought and used every SUSE since 6.0 but if I'd bought 10.1 as
a commercial offering i'd be returning it and asking for my money back

I'm beginning to agree with those who are concerned as to where Novell is
going with SUSE.

And yes I have installed and run 10.1, but I don't want the eye candy and I
hate the package manager, so what is the point.

I'm keeping 10.0 , and thinking of looking elsewhere in the future.


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