[SLE] DjVuLibre

That's the name of the 10.1 package for viewing djvu files, an apparent
open source alternative to pdf. I run my 10.0 normally, but do have a
test system I normally use for factory that is currently running
OSS10.1. When I couldn't find the package for 10.0, I found and
installed it for 10.1 to see if it was what I actually needed. It is,
but I need it on my 10.0 system. There is a source RPM on
http://djvulibre.djvuzone.org/ but I don't know anything about
compiling. Copying nsdejavu.so to the plugins dirs for Firefox &
SeaMonkey on 10.0 don't work (loads blank screen only). Anyone know
where to find it ready to install on 10.0?

On 10.1 after installation, Konq is apparently too dumb to know about
it. Firefox found it right away, so I know it works. djvulibre from
konsole generates not found error. I have no real idea what Firefox is
doing, even though it lists DjVuLibre in about:plugins. What do I need
to tell Konq to make it work there?

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