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On Sunday 16 July 2006 08:00, Reinhard Gimbel wrote:
Hello community, hello Ben !

Ben Rosenberg wrote:
Please.. if you were smart enough to get onto the list.. then you
must have seen the numerous footer messages that state that the
unsubscribe address YOU will need to send mail to is in the header of
each message. Please use this. No one here can do it for you. It's a
solitary act. :D

On 7/15/06, ERIC ALLAN <eallan4@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Obviously there are people out there not knowing what a header is ...

Our these folks are nor reading the messages to the final end, thus they
never will be able to find that hint you are refering to ...
Never give up !

Best regards, Reinhard.

"Software is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open."

Check the headers for your unsubscription address
For additional commands send e-mail to suse-linux-e-help@xxxxxxxx
Also check the archives at
Please read the FAQs: suse-linux-e-faq@xxxxxxxx

It has probably been asked before as we have seen this kind of topic since
times immemorial..

But why not add a line to the footer stating how to unsubscribe too.
So the ones not being able to (or dont know how to) read the headers
get the picture?
Its probably faster then to to try to educate everyone coming in here...

Not that i can understand why you'd want to unsubscribe from the list
voluntarily.. :)


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