Re: [SLE] Not SUSE-related - serial port on a Compaq 8-port SAN-switch?

Do you have a breakout box so you can test the port and cable?
The cable is working. I use it for a couple of headless systems too.
Are you sure it needs a null-modem?
No, that's one thing I'm not certain about - the port on the switch is
male, as is the port on the host
.>This is one of the reasons you may want a break out box. There is no
hard standard for such connections and some manufacturers use a male
connector, where others would use a female. With a break out box, you
can see which pins are used for transmit & receive and wire accordingly.

Check out the statserial utility; statserial will show the status of the
pins of the serial port, like a software breakout box.