Re: [SLE] Re: suggest me for upgrade options?

张韡武 wrote:
在 2006-07-26三的 15:34 +0800,张韡武写道:
Hello. Sorry if OT, I think this perhaps should go to suse-admin list if
there is one.

The X terminal server has 8 users, load average is #uptime
3:08pm up 5:56, 14 users, load average: 3.65, 3.34, 2.73
(14 users because gnome-terminal users are counted too)

CPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.40GHz => OS is SuSE 10.1
Harddisk is 40GB 7200RPM with 2MB cache, 1GB DDR memory is installed,
averagely 758MB swap space is used.

Current biggest problem is the "stun" effect, that is if one user use
Firefox to load a big web page (example: a purely text web page of
500KB), all users consoles are frozen, that is, click have no effect,
keyboard do not respond, everything looks as if the machine is dead, the
X terminals come back alive again when the 500KB webpage is loaded.

The purpose of upgrade is to remove stun effect (that's my way of
calling it) and to speed up application launch to around 250% faster,
because the two are where complaints from. Users complain their X
terminal sometimes stun for 10 seconds, totally unexpected. Further
launching jedit takes 20 to 40 seconds, they want it loaded in 10

At least a Hyper-Threading CPU, but better Dual Core CPU or real dual CPU will solve most of your terminal freezing.

I am not an expert on linux tuning, but it should be possible to configure max cpu time and priority for users in /etc/security/limits.conf. This must be enabled in /etc/pam.d/ IMHO.

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