Re: [SLE] Re: suggest me for upgrade options?

Thank you a lot for the suggestions (especially the possibility to set
limit for users). I decide to go hyper-threading way. An upgrade to Dual
Core CPU or SMP both request replacing all of:
* motherboard (current mother board do not support any of Dualcore
* memory bank (old DDR cannot be used)
* CPU (old CPU cannot be used because there are no known SMP board
can use the 478-pin Celeron
This is way too expensive for the budget, thus I decide tomorrow go to
buy Pentium 4 3.2E hyper-threading CPU to replace the existing one,
further expend memory to 2GB.

On the upgrade thing... I just recently did an upgrade and was facing
the same budget concerns as you are. I wanted a dual core but
couldn'y yet justify the cost for the new ram and video as well as CPU
and motherboard. I opted for an AMD X2 dual core... and put it in an
ASRock S939Dual-SATA2 (just Google on it and you'll find loads of info
on it). This motherboard has both PCIe and AGP for video, and can use
the regular DDR ram. This way you can get the benefits of the new
hardware on a budget.

Point to note though.. I am experiencing some rather annoying problems
since I upgraded to this hardware, but it appears to be related to a
couple BIOS settings, and some possibly faulty cables.


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