Re: [SLE] ksmarttray doesn't reflect true status unless run as root

On Thursday 27 July 2006 17:06, Basil Chupin wrote:
Stephen Boddy wrote:
On Thursday 27 July 2006 08:26, Basil Chupin wrote:
I guess I am just a bit 'confused' (which matters not) about your
concerns because the tray icon DOES blink when there are new updates
available for installation. The only thing I find wrong with this
blinking is that once you put the cursor on the icon the blinking stops.
And the other thing I would like to see is it change colour to indicate
new updates like the icon for the zmd/zen/YOU - but this, and the
previous point, is only a cosmetic thing and really of no great import.

Ah! Then we have come to the crux of the confusion. My system absolutely
does not blink when there are updates. If ksmarttray is running as a
regular user, the channel update command does not work. Try it from the
shell as your normal user. You should get "error: Configuration is in
readonly mode." because you shouldn't have the necessary privileges to
update the cached information.

The only way this could be working for you is if you either:
- somehow have smart configured to work from a config/cache that your
user has read/write permissions for,
- perhaps your user is part of the wheel group or something like that, or
- you have a crontab configured to run the smart update command as root.
(This is my current solution)

I agree with you about the icon states. Worth noting that if you do
cancel the blinking without upgrading, then the blinking should restart
after an hour. Even without the blinking the tootltip will always give
you the info also.

I am not having the problem you describe. I can update as a user from
the icon in the system tray (after I enter the root password, of course).

Yeah, I think we're both still not on the same wavelength/terminology here
TBH. At the risk of flogging the proverbial deceased horse:

There are three pertinant smart operations:
check - Is smart cache aware of any updates
update - Look for new packages on repos, and update cache
upgrade - Install new packages from repos.

The old (<=10.0) susewatcher tray app could do the equivalent of update &
check without requiring root password or priv. The Smart equivalent of the
susewatcher app (ksmarttray) can only do check unless you run it as root. I
do not want to enter the root password every time I login.

By clicking on the ksmarttray I also am able to enter my root password, and
upgrade packages, but unless I enter my root password at login I will not see
the blinking tray icon to tell me I need to click on the thing.

I cannot remember the beginning of this thread and therefore have to
ask: which version of smart are you running? If you are running the one
which comes with SuSE 10.1 then uninstall it and install the latest one
(0.42) at the following URL:

and it is the one for SuSE by Pascal Bleser - and get the one for your
CPU (the x86 or the x86_64). You don't need the one with 'debuginfo' in
its name so there are 5 rpms to download. This set of packages also has
the channels already configured (but you need to activate some) and, fo
course, you can add to them.

I'm up-to-date with the guru smart packages (0.42-1)

(While you are on that site why not join the smart forum there? The
author(s) of smart are active there so you can discuss matters directly
with him/them.)

Strewth! I can barely keep up with the SuSE and MythTV mail list I'm already
on. Might make some suggestions though. I was half tempted to try and make
some minor changes/updates to ksmarttray. If only I knew C++ ;-)

Anyway, thanks for the discourse. It helped me solidify my thinking, and come
up with a temporary workaround (the cron job).
Steve Boddy

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