Re: [SLE] New laptop -- which version?

On Sun, 2006-07-30 at 14:29 -0400, John E. Perry wrote:
I've just bought an hp Pavilion dv5234us laptop. I need to keep the
installed Win XP for professional reasons, but I want to use suse as the
main system. The laptop will be used for electronics CAD, (along with
this desktop), documentation, and presentation at client sites.

The laptop has an Intel Core Duo processor -- two Pentium cores on the
same chip. For this I should install the 32-bit smp kernel, right?

I have the impression that laptops need special treatment when
installing systems and software. If anyone could offer some advice, and
some pointers to guidance, I'd appreciate it.

First know your hardware and chipsets, do not listen to the salesmen
they tend to be clueless. Second keep the XP to a minimum unless
required for the job keep it to a single DVD lile 4.5 gig or 8.0 gig
depending upon the burner. If its not a DVDRW get an external.

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