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Or, better yet leave the 40 GB the boot disk and make the 80 GB home.
Having the 80 for home will free up space on the 40 for the other
partitions, but the home partitions usually take up the most space
as that is where all your "stuff" is.

I think I will give this a shot and put the 40G back as the main drive and mount /home to the 80G. Since I've never done this before, let me know if these are the correct steps:
1. copy -a or tar /home to /oldhome.
2. partition new drive
3. mkdir /home on new drive
4. mount new drive and move the old /oldhome files to /home
5. modify /etc/fstab to include /dev/hdxx /home reiserfs acl,user_xattr 1 3

I think that about does it. Does this look correct?


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