Re: [SLE] apache internal/external problem

On Tuesday 08 August 2006 23:31, Sandy Drobic wrote:
Primm wrote:
On Tuesday 08 August 2006 23:15, you wrote:
Primm wrote:
I and everyone else can connect just fine from the Internet. It's the
internal connection that's failing.

internal client ip ( internal server ip (

The client and server are the same IP I have no address

If the client and the server are different machines you NEED different
ip addresses within the same subnet to be able to connect.

I have only one machine. The server on I just ant to be able
to access my website via the name of the server just as I can from the
Internet. I can access it fine externally from Internet. I just can't
access it from the server, internally.

Did you enter the correct name in /etc/hosts?

/etc/hosts: localhost servername

That should enable you on the local machine to use the address

Yes. I have that entered. The ONLY one which works is


PS: Sorry, I sent the previous mail also to your private address.

No problem. Thanks for helping.

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