Re: [SLE] SMART Downloaded package locations.

On Thursday 24 August 2006 08:12, John Pierce wrote:
I have downloaded SMART and installed it on opensuse 10.1, when
packages are installed or updated the rpm files are downloaded to
/var/lib/smart/packages. I want to know if it is possible to move the
storage location inside of the program or is it hardwired to

The reason, I have several computers on a local lan and all are (for
the most part, some minor differences in applications) identical.
When I run smart update on the various machines I find my self
downloading the same packages multiple times. When I used fedora and
yum, I set yum to look at an nfs mount called yumpackages, all of the
machines would look at that location and realize the files had already
been downloaded and did have to do it again. This approach save
considerable time and bandwidth.

I don't believe you can point the packages to another folder without changing
the main smart folder. The option in smart is:
data-dir /var/lib/smart (directory) root of Smart control directories
(You can fake it by making the packages folder a symbolic linkto another

To acheive your aim have an nfs share set up, and mount this on all machines
as /var/lib/smart/packages. Things to be careful of:
- All machines will need read/write access.
- Each machine will, by default, erase files in this folder. Be sure to set
remove-packages to false on all machines.
- Over time the folder could get very large, so have a housekeeper cronjob to
remove files older than say a month. If a machine hasn't upgraded by then,
they probably won't require that particular file.
- I can't tell you what will happen if two machines attempt to download the
same update at the same time.

Steve Boddy

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