Re: [SLE] I want to run windows applications!!!

在 2006-08-24四的 18:53 +0200,Jan Engelhardt写道:
thank you. Inkscape is cool, but not that cool.)

SVG support in Corel. Oh there is none? Hm. Edit my Corel files under
Linux. No? Too bad it's binary. Native CorelDRAW? Not to think of. Eh well,
just some args.

That's exatly my trouble.... I also want Coral to support SVG. Nothing
is perfect....

I also tried emulate
software like VM ware, it's not as convienent as wine because all
windows applications run in a emulated desktop, managed by Windows' own
window manager (god damn stupid wm) rather then Linux's beautifully
designed wm.

If you want TWM/MWM/OLWM/icewm "focus window under mouse pointer" behavior,
there is a setting in the windows registry you can flip to enable that.

Really???? Where??? Okay, I go google around for it.
Amazing!!! And this is one of the feature I like most!

What if I want both? I want to run Windows application based on real
Windows so that I can run it bug-free, I want it run on a Linux desktop,
rather then on a Windows desktop that sits in a window in a Linux
desktop. I love both Coral Draw and Linux so much that I don't even mind
paying a Windows license to be able to run Coral Draw.

Is there a solution for my case?

You can go to the Dark Side (StarWars slang) and use either of Xming or

why it's so much easier to run Linux app just using Windows' window
manager then the other way round...

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