Re: [SLE] Printers

On Wed October 4 2006 21:10, John Andersen wrote:
On Wednesday 04 October 2006 14:20, Russbucket wrote:
I am considering a Xerox PHaser 6120NP printer. Has anyone used one with
the Linux Cups drivers from the Xerox website?

Any input would be welcome.

Cups drivers is a sort of misnomer in my view.
Usually all you need is a ppd to get any postscript printer to work.
Cups even has a facility to import a ppd file for printers its never heard

As I understand it, a ppd is the same for windows and linux.
Thanks for the response. I downloaded the ppd from Xerox's website. Ran it
thru the ppd checker on the cups website and it gets the following error.
Xerox Phaser 6120np.ppd: FAIL
**FAIL** BAD DefaultKMSimGrayTreatment CompositeBlack
REF: Page 40, section 4.5.

I looked at the manual but did not understand whats wrong. the KM vendor
designation is used in many other lines of code prior to the failed line so I
was not able to figure out whats wrong. Not a programmer.

Will this one error prevent the printer from working under CUPS?

Thanks again for responding.

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