Re: [SLE] Why is everything from labeled SPAM?

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The Saturday 2006-10-14 at 15:36 +0100, Lívio Cipriano wrote:

So, I guess that the new config of the smpt servers of SuSE detects this

No, it is not that.

If you look at the email sent by Stevens on an account that doesn't have
local spamassassin - for instance, on a gmail web client - you can see the
original headers as sent from SuSE. It contain these:

X-Virus-Scanned: by amavisd-new at
X-Spam-Status: No, hits=4.9 tagged_above=-20.0 required=5.0
X-Spam-Level: ****

The antispam run was done at "". The Bayessian database said
it has 99% or more proability of being spam. Yours contains these headers

X-Virus-Scanned: by amavisd-new at
X-Spam-Status: No, hits=5.0 tagged_above=-20.0 required=5.0
X-Spam-Level: ****

At a bayes level of 80, it was not labeled spam. Fortunately for you (and
me) SuSE mail servers do not reject email sent from our own postfix.

And, the word "SPAM" dissapeared because I manually removed it when

What they have got to do is dump their entire Bayessian database
and retrain it from scratch - and dissable autotraining. :-|

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