[SLE] udev rule - mountpoint does not exist

Hi guys,

I'm trying out XFCE, and one thing that doesn't happen automatically (as
in KDE) is mounting of external discs.

I'm following this howto:


I added this line to /etc/fstab:

LABEL=EXT320 /media/EXT320 ext2 auto,hotplug,defaults
1 2

The disc was already labeled so that it would always mount in the same
place (otherwise I have change amarok's settings each time :-)

Then I made the udev rule 99-mount.rules

#run mount -a everytime a block device is added/removed
SUBSYSTEM=="block", run+="/bin/mount -a"

Now the problem is, /bin/mount -a fails, because the mount point hadn't
been created. KDE's automount system somehow checks the label of the
disc ("EXT320" in this case) and mkdir the mountpoint ("/media/EXT320"
in this case), and then mounts it.

I'm missing the making the mountpoint part. How do I do this?


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