Re: [SLE] Daylight Saving time change?

On Sunday 29 October 2006 22:41, Simon Roberts wrote:
Hi all,

This seems really silly, but Daylight Saving time is ended, and I can't
work out how to get my computer to notice.

I thought it would have just known, as has happened in the past, but it's
still concienciously showing MDT time rather than MST. I tried to use Yast
to correct this, and the only thing on offer to me are other major
timezones, nothing for Daylight saving.

It might be part of the puzzle, though I don't quite see how, that I run an
ntp client (because my laptop's clock is dreadfully inaccurate--I suspect a
failing CMOS support battery or something).

Do you have your system clock set to local time? If you do, linux won't
attempt to correct for DST

Any suggestions?

In linux, always set the system clock to UTC, and leave the timezone handling
to the OS. Then the DST conversion will happen seamlessly

A short term solution could also be to run ntpdate against a trusted ntp
server, which should set your clock to the correct time again.

But, again, setting the clock to UTC is the best long term solution

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