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On Tuesday 31 October 2006 08:10, Robert Lewis wrote:
One command I miss from my old Unix days is the ability to
add swap dynamically. That is swap to a file. Some of the
Unix's have a swap command and you can name a file and the
size you wish and swap will start using it.

This can be pretty handy for someone who doubles their
RAM after and OS has been installed and wants swap
to follow the yellow brick road even if the machine never

I did a man on swap but nothing came back!

Ohhh. So close.

% man swapaon
SWAPON(8) Linux Programmer's Manual SWAPON(8)

swapon, swapoff - enable/disable devices and files for paging
and swapping

/sbin/swapon [-h -V]
/sbin/swapon -a [-v] [-e]
/sbin/swapon [-v] [-p priority] specialfile ...
/sbin/swapon [-s]
/sbin/swapoff [-h -V]
/sbin/swapoff -a
/sbin/swapoff specialfile ...

Swapon is used to specify devices on which paging and swapping
are to take place.


You might also want to learn about the "apropos" / "man -k" command.

Randall Schulz

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