Re: [opensuse] easy kde/gnome/mono questions

Greg Freemyer wrote:

I've been using SuSE with KDE for years but I don't really do any
sophisticated GUI interaction. I pretty much just fire up a few
terminal sessions and do my work from the command line.

I now want to start experimenting with writing a Mono application.

I get the impression that means I should switch to Gnome. Correct?

Nope. mono apps work fine in kde.

If so, how do I do that? (I don't care about current settings /
config / etc.) I can create a new login account if that would be

If you want to try gnome, just log out of your kde session and log into
a gnome session by choosing "gnome" as session type in the login manager.

And then are there any special packages I should be sure to install?

For what you need, make sure the gnome, gnome-devel and mono selections
are installed.

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