Re: [opensuse] Novell Trumpets Support for Open Source Development

On Saturday 06 January 2007 01:40, Fred A. Miller wrote:
Novell Trumpets Support for Open Source Development

Novell moved Wednesday to underscore its support for free software
development after volunteer technical support collapsed for rival Red
Hat's free Linux version. Novell spokesperson Kevan Barney said the
downfall of Red Hat's Fedora Legacy Project only strengthens Novell's
commitment to its own partnership with open source, or free, software
developers worldwide.

See the Full Story:

"Statistics back up Novell's contention. In the past month, Open Suse
supplanted Ubuntu as the No. 1 choice, according to the download
access-tracking Web site. Fedora? It fell to No. 3."

Although the above statement is most likely true.... I don't think
Distrowatch's figure are a true measure of much of anything.

SuSE just release 10.2 a few weeks ago for download. Thus, there are a lot
of downloads of it. Ubuntu is due for a release sometime soon but hasn't
released its next version yet. Expect it to become No. 1 when it is
released and some of the 10.2 downloads have lessened.

Not a very scientific way of measuring popularity. Just my $.02

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