Re: [opensuse] Future of SUSE (at home)


On 1/14/07, jdd <jdd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
HG wrote:

> You sent this privately to me...


After which I sent you private email also. Which you then quote some
parts without my permission on a public list. Thanks.

anybody know Bill gates is a very good seller...

And he will also sell that home server to millions of homes
(eventually) as you SUSE guys do not even want to talk about it.

So, how would you, jdd, create the home server? How do you setup the
raid monitoring? How to set up samba with quotas and permissions for
children? Which FS to choose so that the FS can later on easily made
bigger or smaller (when a small RAID needs to be removed to make room
for larger)? How to start smartmontools automatically? Would you start
the wiki for this and show us how to make most of what's under the
hood of SUSE?

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