Re: [opensuse] standard for init scripts and usage

On 2/10/07, Rami Michael <thikrat@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello All,

I have noticed that openSuse seems to have a slightly different way of
dealing with init scripts and services than Ubuntu or RHEL.

Is there a standard for the way init scripts are supposed to be built?
I like the idea of being able to write one script and have it work on
all (or as many as possible) linux based systems.

Also, on RHEL one can do the following command "service mysqld
restart" and this is the equiv of doing a "/etc/init.d/mysqld restart"
does anything similar exist in openSuse?

Also, I noticed that Ubuntu has in its latest version moved away from
the current init.d way of doing things. What is your opinion on that?
Is it better/worse or just more of the same?

I love linux but it seems this type of stuff should be pretty standard
or compatible otherwise there might be some type of lock in if you get
familiar with a distro? I personally would like to use the one that
is most standards compliant, just for the sake of supposrting it.

What do you guys think? As always, any help is greatly appreciated.


The LSB (Linux Standard Base ??) defines how init scripts should work.
ie. /etc/init.d/*

The "service" tool is an enhancement to the base I believe but it
leaves /etc/init.d/* in place. Similarily, SuSE has rcmysqld restart,
etc. (IIRC)

for a full list type rc<tab><tab> from a CLI.

I don't know anything about Ubuntu, but I hope they are not moving
away from the LSB.

Greg Freemyer
The Norcross Group
Forensics for the 21st Century
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