Re: [opensuse] tall PNG images don't load in Firefox

Jan Engelhardt wrote:
OpenOffice/Writer requiring like 80 MB and quite some time to load up. SMO
is on the boat with roughly 7 MB, and well, I don't
have any numbers for MSO (a lack of `pmap` on Windows), but given that
it starts up as fast on a 16 MB RAM Win98 machine as OOO does on a multi-CPU
opteron, I think that tells enough.

MS Office pre-loads a fair amount of stuff at system boot, IIRC. So
you're trading off longer boot time and more idle memory consumption
for shorter application start up time. It also kind of depends on what
version of MS Office you're using. Word 2003 seems to take about as
long to load as OpenOffice Writer, for me, on machines with similar
resources. If you're running Office on Windows 98, you're probably
comparing an older, smaller version of MS Office to a newer version of
OpenOffice. Both applications have gotten bigger over time as they
became expected to do more.

Sometimes I get nostalgic for the days when documents didn't have to be
so fancy. I still remember when it was socially acceptable to buzz out
a business report in 12-point Elite on a dot-matrix printer, rip off the
tractor-feed tracks, and turn it in. ;)

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