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"MH" == Mohamed Haidar <mohedsuse@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
MH> Joachim Schrod wrote:


Please send your responses to the list, and not to me personally. This
way, others with similar problems can look up the discussion in the
list archives. If I know an answer, I will post it there as well. If I
don't know one or if I make errors in my recommendations, somebody
else can step in and point that out.

cron logs via syslog; there should be log records about the start of each
job in /var/log/messages. The exception is when your crontab line starts
with "-" (a hyphen), then job start logging is turned off. (In fact, when
your ipdetect cron job really works, you might want to turn off job start
logging that way.)

If there are no respective log entries, execute "touch /etc/cron.d" to be
on the save side.
cron detects changes in files in cron.d only if the timestamp of the
directory /etc/cron.d changes as well. Alternatively, call "rccron

After touching cron.d, there must be log entry that cron re-read the
crontab files, maybe one or two minutes later.

Your crontab syntax itself is OK, that's not the cause.

MH> It just refuses to work, I tried the above with no result, and also :
MH> crontab /etc/cron.d/IPdetect

That does not work. The syntax for (1) files in /etc/cron.d/ and (2)
files that are passed to the crontab command is different. (1) has the
userid in it, before the command, (2) has just the command.

MH> Am I missing something here. Could you give me an idiots step by step
MH> guide to how you would go about from scratch.

First thing: Does

grep cron /var/log/messages

output some (or many) lines?

If no, you need to tell us (with an email to the list, not to me ;-).
Then the investigation has to take a completely different path.

If yes, cron is running. Then, does

grep -i 'cron.*ipdetect' /var/log/messages

output anything?


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